Why Opt for a Wedding Film?

I’ve had so many people tell me that they’re on the fence about whether to spend the additional money on a film, ask if it’s really necessary on top of a photographer, and others truly lament the fact they didn’t have it filmed. So without doing a big hard sell, I just wanted to put a few things out there to consider.

You capture everything – the moments in between the photographer’s shutter are often the moments I find the most beautiful. The subtle brush of a hand as a couple pose for a photo, the giggling at being asked to kiss for the millionth time, the rise and fall of the chest of someone who’s getting kinda nervous… of course photographers capture those moments too, but a videographer can fill in the gaps between each picture… there’s a whole lotta magic in those gaps!

Half the day is in the sound – The speeches are possibly the best bit of a wedding (maybe the food but I haven’t been moved to tears by a canap√©… yet). They’re bursting with pride, adoration and love. Other than at a funeral, is there really any other time we dedicate so much effort to celebrating our loved ones publicly? I’m not too sure. A big old appreciation day full of carefully crafted words, where we raise our loved ones up while other loved ones woop and cheer…¬† personally I think that’s worth bottling up and saving for rainy day.

The hangups won’t matter in 50 years – I totally totally understand why people hide from being on video – if you’re shy or don’t entirely love how your chin looks from the side, the thought of having a camera on you all day might not fill you with joy. While I totally get it, and that is a hugely valid reason, let me just put this out there: when you’re watching it with a cup of tea in your 80’s, I really don’t think you’ll be worrying about not being a size 8, an errant moustache hair, or an imperfect tan… I would put a bet on that you’ll be captivated by the youth, happiness and love you were radiating, and wondering to yourself if there is anything more beautiful.

It’s a completely different medium to photography – a lot of people think having both is overkill, but really, videography and photography have two completely different jobs. It’s my interpretation that photography is mainly about the aesthetics, the art and the beauty of individual moments, whereas with videography it’s about telling the story through sound, movement, and words. It captures the emotion in your voice as you say ‘I do’, it preserves those fleeting facial expressions and the sound of your laughter, not just for you to treasure, but for your children and grandchildren to giggle at far into the future.

Just some food for thought anyways! If you want to chat it over any more, or have any worries or questions, please do just drop me a line.