How much does it cost?

It varies depending on exactly what you’d like. People’s weddings and budgets vary so much, I’ve found that when I had a fixed priced model and specific packages to choose between, we would often end up tweaking anyway. This way, you can build what’s right for you from the ground up right from the beginning, and you don’t have to feel constrained or locked out by arbitrary pricing structures or packages.

All quotes include me there from the earliest of prep, right through to the party. I don’t price by the hour on the day as I know that to make a great, complete narrative of your wedding, I’d like (and need!) to be there all day. The variance in price usually comes depending on the length of film you’d like, as with videography, the hard work is mainly in the editing… as you can imagine, editing a 5 minute film is a much quicker process than editing a 35 minute film… so that’s where we start getting into different prices.

What is the process of making a wedding film?

What you see – us filming on the day – is really just the tip of the iceberg for what’s involved in making a film. I like to spend lots of time getting to know you so I can establish what sort of film suits your vibe; everything from music choices, edit pacing and colour grading is influenced by your personalities, and this is something I will carefully prep before the day by turning our chats into storyboards!

I will always visit the venue, and you’d be more than welcome to show me round so we can recce the space and find those lovely light spots together. It’s also useful for me to meet the staff so I can get a sense of their tech set up and logistics on the day.

After all the prep and filming or your wedding, the hard work truly begins! Editing a film is no small feat – between organising footage, transcribing speeches and the ceremony, weaving together a story, sound mixing, colour grading each and every shot, this process can solid weeks and sometimes months. But for me this is where the magic truly happens and I love every single element of this, from carefully sifting through hundreds of tracks to find the perfect one for you two, to crying at the same moment of your Dad’s speech over and over again! (Yikes!)

Then, depending on your chosen method of delivery, I’ll present you with your film. Sometimes this is via an online portal and sharable link, or some people like it in a keepsake box that will arrive with love through the post 🙂

How long will you be there on the day?

Dawn until dusk if you’ll have me! I’ll arrive around the same time as hair and makeup so can film prep, get some location shots and capture the general build up. I won’t pack up and dash off after the first dance either – absolutely live for wiggling hips, sassy finger shakes, unbuttoned collars and sneaky bottles of prosecco under the table (I see ya). So will be on the dance-floor and at the bar until I’m sure I’ve done justice to party time!

How experienced are you?

I’ve worked in film for 10 years, and have credits in directing, cinematography and editing. These are often incredibly high pressure jobs where I cannot afford to miss a moment; this experience transfers to the fast paced world of weddings perfectly. If anything, weddings are a more predictable, controlled environment than the observational documentaries I do during the week – they give me more time to focus on composition and the artistry of film, hence their appeal! Feel free to check out my documentary showreel here .

What equipment do you use?

I’m a big believer in being light on my feet and agile when filming, as you simply cannot afford to miss a moment because you’re faffing around with kit. So I’ll be there with my cameras and lenses (2 Canon C100 MKIIs), tripod, radio mics and dictaphone. You won’t find me running around with gimbals or sliders as that’s just not my preferred filmmaking style – I opt for a more discreet, observational look.

How does payment work?

Upon signing of the contract I would ask for a 20% booking retainer/down payment to secure your date. When the remaining 80% is paid is something we can discuss, but usually I would ask the balance is settled at least 30 days before the wedding.

When will we get the finished films?

Depending on your package and the time of year, it will take between 3 and 6 months. That might seem like a really long time and I know you’ll be absolutely bursting to get your hands on it, but the editing process is incredibly long and complex, with many different phases and elements. I will always give it the time and patience required to make a really lovely, textured film. Trust me, the wait will be worth it.

Do you cover weddings outside of the North East?

Yep, course! Just give me a shout and we’ll discuss logistics. Any excuse for a road trip with my Spotify playlists!

Do you do photography too?

Nope, just film! But can recommend some incredibly talented wedding photographers I’ve been lucky enough to work with and learn from.

Do you provide drone footage?

I do, yes. It doesn’t come as standard as there are associated costs involved, but just give me a shout if it’s something you’re keen on, and we’ll discuss adding it on!