As the documentary girl with a camera, it was only natural that as my friends began to get married, I capture their weddings on film. I was floored by how much I enjoyed it – as it turns out, filming smiling, overjoyed people in their best frocks, bursting with love is ridiculously fulfilling! And yes, a bridesmaid can lug a massive camera around, no probs! Anyway, a few weddings later, I was hooked.

My regular ‘9-5’ is as a freelance filmmaker… this ranges from the occasional broadcast piece, to community documentaries and dramas; I always try to work with organisations, charities, or institutions that inject something positive into the world, and on projects that keep me interested and inspired. Feel free to check out my commercial showreel here .

I love what I do, but none of the above have made my cheeks ache from smiling all day like filming weddings has… so here I am!

Some Soundbites

  • Born and raised in Newcastle – fiercely proud Geordie!
  • I’ve somehow fallen into a very specific work niche… I’ve made about 5 films about chickens, including a feature documentary. I don’t know how this happened!
  • I’m trying to learn French and Spanish on Duolingo
  • I used to do Irish dancing… if B*Witched comes on I have to make a super speedy exit before I embarrass myself.
  • Obsessed with flowers and will inspect a bouquet for inspo for my garden.
  • Love travel, and will find any excuse to get away for a little explore.
  • I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet, but I make the best Yorkshire puddings of anyone I know. It’s a gift because to be honest, I just guess.